Spring Recruitment

Spring recruitment for all of our sororities will take place virtually due to Covid-19 and our commitment to keep our sisters and interested students safe.

NPC Formal Recruitment

This mutual selection format is an opportunity for students to meet sorority members from each NPC sorority, ask questions, learn about financial obligations, time commitments, and membership requirements. Participation in this particular recruitment format is limited to the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) member organizations of our Council. Organizations participating in this formal recruitment process are:


Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Gamma Delta

Delta Gamma

Gamma Phi Beta

Phi Mu

Phi Sigma Sigma

Sigma Delta Tau

Sigma Kappa

Zeta Tau Alpha


Non-NPC member sororities within the Panhellenic Council recruit in the spring will be holding events similar to those they held in the fall. Events allow interested students to ask questions, learn about financial obligations, time commitments, and membership requirements. This process does not require students to visit with all of the participating organizations. Participating sororities are:


Alpha Omega Epsilon (composed of engineering and technical science students)

Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority

Phi Sigma Rho National Engineering Sorority


Recruitment Dates & Registration

Recruitment Registration

Register to Participate – Registration for Spring 2021 Recruitment opened December 1.
ALL interested students MUST register in order to participate in the Intake and/or Recruitment process.  Registration is simple and must be completed before you can be considered for membership.

Registration deadline for NPC Formal Recruitment is Monday, January 11th at Noon.  Any academic eligibility issues must be resolved by Wednesday, January 13th in order to participate.  Registration for sororities not participating in formal recruitment is ongoing, however students must be registered before they may join.

Click here to register for spring 2021 recruitment with Alpha Omega Epsilon, Omega Phi Alpha and Phi Sigma Rho: https://enroll.icsrecruiter.com/ifc/RUTGRS

Click here to register for Panhellenic Council Formal Sorority Recruitment: https://enroll.icsrecruiter.com/pan/RUTGRS

Panhellenic Council Virtual Recruitment Dates

Recruitment events may begin for Alpha Omega Epsilon, Omega Phi Alpha and Phi Sigma Rho – January 19

Formal Recruitment Orientation (for NPC Formal Recruitment only) – January 13 & 14
Students will be able to select the orientation session they’d like to attend after they register for recruitment in January.

Open House Round ends – January 16

Philanthropy Round of NPC Formal Recruitment – January 22 – 23

Preference Round of NPC Formal Recruitment – January 24

Bid Day (for NPC Formal Recruitment) – January 25

Bid Day (for Alpha Omega Epsilon, Omega Phi Alpha and Phi Sigma Rho) –  January 31


2021 Information Guide

Our Guide will be sent to women after we confirm their registration for formal recruitment, but you can find Financial Transparency Information posted on each chapter’s page on our site.  Be sure to review that important information with your parents/family so that you can ensure you can meet a sorority’s financial obligations (dues, fees, housing requirements, etc.) should you join.

If you are interested in learning more about our community, be sure to review the 2020 Guidebook.  Remember, the info will be updated for our spring 2021 recruitment but this should give you preliminary information.