Meet our Panhellenic Delegates

The Panhellenic Delegate is selected by her chapter to represent the sorority to the Rutgers Panhellenic Community. The Delegate attends monthly Council meetings and casts the chapter’s vote on all business matters. The Delegate is a crucial position who serves as a liaison between her chapter, other chapters and the larger sorority and fraternity community.


Alpha Chi Omega: Marina Hoffman

Major: Communication with a specialization in Public Relations

Hometown: Alpine, NJ

I joined Alpha Chi Omega because during recruitment I was able to open up and be my most genuine self. All of the girls in Alpha Chi made me feel so loved and included, and I am so grateful for sisters who I know have my back. Joining Panhel has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the commitment, organization and planning that creates a welcoming and enriching environment for all chapters. To all those going through recruitment, don’t forget to be yourself and enjoy the process, you will find your loving home!

Alpha Gamma Delta: Simone Conforti

Major: Exercise Science Pre-PT

Hometown: Verona, NJ

I joined Panhel to be more connected to Greek life and make a positive impact for my chapter.

Alpha Omega Epsilon: Meghana Chirra

Major: Pharmacy

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ

I joined Panhel because I wanted to be a part of something small in a big school like Rutgers. With that, I was able to find a group of empowering and smart women I get to call family. It has helped me find a voice for myself and a home away from home!


Delta Gamma: Gaby Bromfeld

Major: Public Health

Hometown: South Orange, NJ

I decided to join Greek life because I was looking for a community of women that inspire one another and a place where I can build friendships that last a lifetime. I have found that and more from being a sister in Delta Gamma and a part of the Panhellenic community overall. My advice for people going through recruitment is to be yourself and trust the process! Everything happens for a reason and you will meet your future bridesmaids just like I did 🙂

Gamma Phi Beta: Jordyn Fiore

Major: Communications With a Specialization in Leadership in Organizations and Community

Hometown: Marlboro, NJ

I joined Panhel because I wanted to be apart of a community. Rutgers is such a big school that you can easily feel lost in the shuffle, so I decided to sign up for recruitment. I’m so happy I did. By joining G-Phi, and becoming more involved in the Panhellenic community I have really found a place where I feel like I belong. I’ve made amazing friends, and had such amazing experiences! I could not imagine my life at Rutgers any other way 🙂


Omega Phi Alpha: Nataly Calle

Major: Exercise Science

Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ

“I joined Greek Life because I wanted to find my small community at a big school like Rutgers  I’ve met so many inspiring and empowering women who I consider life-long friends.  Omega Phi Alpha has given me so many opportunities and experiences that I’m thankful for and have helped me grow as a person.”

Phi Mu: Shibani Shah

Major: Cell Bio & Neuroscience

Hometown: Hopewell, NJ

I joined Panhel because I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. Phi Mu has given me so much and has allowed me to blossom as a person, student and sister. I’m so grateful to be able to call this place a second home and have lifelong friends who inspire me to be the best version of myself. I’m thrilled to be able to represent Phi Mu as Panhellenic Delegate and can’t wait to see what’s in store! I can’t wait to give back to the Panhel community and meet all of the amazing women from other chapters!

Phi Sigma Rho: Shreya Suresh

Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ

I joined Greek life because I wanted to meet some hardworking, empowering and confident women who I can grow and learn with!

Phi Sigma Sigma: Madison Canino

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Washington Township, NJ

I joined Panhel to have the opportunity to work alongside with all the amazing chapters at Rutgers!

Sigma Delta Tau: Alexa Firth

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Rockaway, NJ

I joined Panhel because I was looking to be apart of a group of women who support one another and empower each other to be the best versions of themselves. I wanted to find my forever home through the Panhellenic community, which I am beyond grateful to say that I have!

Zeta Tau Alpha: Eleisa Weber

Major: Journalism and Media Studies

Hometown: Rockaway, NJ

Becoming a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha helped me find my home at such a large university. This sisterhood has gifted me the sisters I never had, and I am so grateful to be a part of Greek Life at Rutgers! I joined Panel because I not only wanted to become a more active member within my own chapter, but with all of the sororities at Rutgers!