2023-24 Board Members

Fareen Siddiqui (she/her/hers), Director

I’m a member of Phi Mu, a Psychology major and a rising Junior. I wanted to be a part of the CWC to be surrounded by a group of incredible women in Greek life who have gone through similar experiences as me as a WOC and be able to celebrate the cultures and differences of these women while embracing our unity and uniqueness.  My advice to a WOC going through recruitment would be to make sure that during the process you are being your most authentic self and embracing every part of your personality that makes you who you are, don’t try to be someone you are not to impress chapters they’ll be impressed by you just by being you!

Esha Patel VP of Administration

I’m a member of Alpha Gamma Delta.  I’m a Finance and BAIT major with a minor in Education and a rising Senior, Class of 2024.  I wanted to be involved in CWC because I have the ability to work with powerful women of color. We all share the same goal to educate the Panhel community how to become more culturally aware and culturally accepting.  My advice for a WOC coming through recruitment OR Advice for an Ally would be to cherish every moment of recruitment because you won’t get to experience it again! Be yourself, share who you are and not who you want to be. Amidst all the hair, makeup, and clothing, share your dreams and passions, and be true to yourself. And don’t forget to have fun!

Jalyn G. McRae Director of Programming

I’m a Junior majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice. I joined Phi Mu because I wanted to be involved in CWC to become more active in my Rutgers community and in Rutgers Greek Life. Throughout this experience I hope to form meaningful relationships with other members of Panhel, faculty, and alumnae who are also working to bring awareness to different cultures and races within Greek Life. Being involved in CWC will prepare me with experiences and opportunities that will benefit me in my professional career and in my collegiate life by teaching me how to be an effective and inclusive leader within my community.  A piece of advice that I have for women of color going through recruitment is to be open to asking questions about how the experience has been for women of color and Greek life. By doing this, the women of color will be able to choose a sorority where they are able to feel most comfortable and happy with the women they are surrounded with.  A piece of advice that I have for an ally is to make the women of color feel included in all aspects of the sorority. Allies can do this by  encouraging them to apply to be on exec board or committee chairs and making them feel included in sisterhood events and programs.


Nikita Kumar (she her hers) Director Programming

I’m a member of Phi Mu and a Junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. I wanted to be involved in the CWC after being surrounded by so many inspiring and empowering women of color during my time in Greek life. This organization has provided an incredible outlet to celebrate all the unique qualities and differences of sisterhood as women of color while continuously embracing all individuals throughout the Panhellenic community with open arms. My advice to all women of color going through recruitment would be to be yourself and keep an open mind. Remember to stay true to yourself and embrace the unique qualities and aspects that make you the person you are! 


Giselle Avetria (she/her/hers) Director of Community Outreach

I’m a member of Alpha Chi Omega and a Senior majoring in Healthcare Administration and minoring in Biological Sciences. Being a member of Alpha Chi Omega and the Rutgers Panhellenic Community has provided me with a strong, supportive community full of driven and kind women. Because of this experience, I joined the CWC because I strive to ensure that every woman, of every background, has the same amazing opportunity and Panhellenic experience by creating an inclusive and welcoming space for WOC through education, allyship, and celebration. My advice for both a WOC coming through recruitment and an ally would be to be an active listener throughout all of your conversations. Listening intently goes a long way and makes the other person feel seen, heard, and included. Take in the moment and don’t forget to enjoy it!”

Sejal Pathak, Director of Public Relations

I am a member of Alpha Chi Omega and a rising senior. I am majoring in Finance and Statistics. I wanted to be involved in CWC after learning about the incredible events and experiences that this group of women had to offer. I also found it extremely helpful to be surrounded by so many women of color who were going through similar experiences as me in Greek life. It was important for me to find that sense of community within Panhel, which is why I am so grateful to be involved in this organization. A piece of advice that I have for women of color who are looking to go through recruitment is to make as many memories and meaningful connections as you can as you are going through the process. Recruitment seems overwhelming at first, but the experiences that you will have for the first time will last with you forever!