All students who plan on joining must register for recruitment with OFSA before accepting an invitation to join. 

When you register you give us permission to share your academic info with chapters.  Your permission to share your grades is only good for one semester.

If you registered in the spring semester, but did not join, you would need to register AGAIN in the fall semester so that your academic eligibility can be updated and shared with the chapters.

Upper-class students (continuing sophomores, juniors, seniors) and Transfer students (those who are in their first semester at RU after transferring from another four-year or two-year institution) may become members at any time.

First-Year students may not join until the start of their second semester. First Year students may attend recruitment events during the fall semester as it will help them to have a better understanding of our organizations for the spring recruitment.

Academic eligibility requirements:

  • Successfully complete at least twelve (12) credits at Rutgers University-New Brunswick (including E credits, excluding AP credits).
  • Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50
  • Be enrolled as a full-time (12 credits), undergraduate student at Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

Transfer Students – We will only use the academic information from your previous institution to determine your eligibility to join a sorority during your first semester at Rutgers.  Once you have earned a GPA at Rutgers we will ONLY use your Rutgers academic information.  Your previous institution’s GPA and RU GPA will NOT be averaged to determine your eligibility.  If you have any questions about your eligibility, please email

Many organizations have a higher academic requirement then those listed here, so be sure to ask about individual sorority expectations for potential new members.

Are you a Transfer student who pledged an NPC sorority at your previous institution?

If you pledged (were a new member), but were never initiated, you can join any one of our organizations during your first semester at RU.

If you were initiated into a sorority, your membership is life – long, meaning you cannot pledge or be initiated into another NPC organization. We are happy to help you find other ways to be involved on campus or direct you to an alumnae club or chapter in the area. Please contact OFSA for assistance

If your organization has a chapter at Rutgers you can affiliate with the Rutgers chapter rather quickly. Typically there is paperwork involved for your inter/national headquarters which will officially transfer your membership from your “old” chapter to the Rutgers chapter. Please contact our office and we’ll be happy to connect you with the Chapter Advisor and President who can answer your questions.