Recruitment Registration – Fall Informal Recruitment – September 5 – 17

Any student who wants to participate in fall recruitment must register with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs.  Be sure to register early so chapters can include you on their distribution list of info related to fall recruitment events.

All of our member sororities are expected to hold a Meet the Sisters event once a month during the fall.  Interested students are encouraged to attend more than one organization’s recruitment events so they may find the group best suited for them.

Opportunities for joining in the fall are:

  • Limited to Upper-Class and Transfer students.  First Year students may attend events, but may not join until spring 2024 recruitment in late January. All students must meet our academic eligibility standards in order to participate in recruitment.
  • Limited by sorority membership rosters.  Only those chapters with space in their roster may invite students to join this semester.  Although they will be holding Meet the Sisters events, Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Sigma Sigma and Sigma Delta Tau will not be taking new members this fall.  All chapters will take new members in the spring during formal recruitment.

Individual Chapter Recruitment Events & Contact Info

Alpha Chi Omega –

September 24th 1pm Buccleuch Park, 321 Easton Ave, New Brunswick.  October 16th, 7pm and November 15th 2pm location TBD.

Alpha Gamma Delta –

September 12th & 13th, October 17th and November 14th.  All events at 8pm at 11 Union Street.

Alpha Omega Epsilon –

September 10th in the LSC 201AB at 8pm, September 14th in the BSC 174 at 8pm, September 15th in the Gathering Lounge in the LSC at 8pm and September 21 in the Coffeehouse at the LSC at 8pm

Delta Gamma  –

September 6 at 8pm and 9pm, September 8 at 8pm, September 12th at 9pm.  All events at 4 Union Street.

Gamma Phi Beta –

September 8th at 1pm, October 25th at 9pm and November 22 at 9pm.  All events at 4 Mine Street.

Phi Mu –

September 6th and 13th at 7pm.  September 15th at 7:30pm.  All events at 46 Union Street.

Phi Sigma Rho –

September 6th at 8pm, September 8th at 5pm, September 11th at 8pm, September 12th 8pm.  Locations TBA.  Check back next week!

Phi Sigma Sigma –

September 12th 6pm, 7pm and 8pm October 16th 8pm (three events will be held on this date), November 10th Noon (Invite-Only brunch), December 4th 7pm.  All events at 66 College Ave.

Sigma Delta Tau –

September 7th at 7pm, October 17th at 8pm, November 14th at  7pm.  All events at 14 Union Street.

Zeta Tau Alpha –

September 6th 7pm, October 5th 7pm, November 3rd 7pm,. All events at 26 Union Street.

Fall Recruitment Tips:

  • Visit the social media sites of the sororities you are interested in to find out more details about their individual Meet the Sisters events.
  • If events are being held virtually we’ll specify, otherwise the event is in person.
  • If more than one time is given for a Meet the Sisters you only need to attend one event, no need to attend both times.
  • All events are open to all interested women, with the exception of the “by invitation only” events
  • In person events may take place in the chapter’s lettered house on or near the College Ave campus (if they have one) or in a campus student center or academic building.
  • If in person events are taking place, and masks are needed, please wear your mask as we want to keep everyone safe and healthy.
  • Need more info?  Email

Financial Obligations:

Each organization’s Fall 2023 Financial Obligations (dues and fees) are included on their page in our website.  Be advised, items covered in the fees will vary from group to group.  Meal Plan and Housing costs are also included in this document.  It is the responsibility of each Potential New Member to read and understand the financial obligations of the organization BEFORE accepting an invitation to join.  Students are encouraged to review this info with their parent/family members so they may make informed decisions together.

Want to learn more about our sorority community?  Check out our Recruitment Video